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Ervedo Raiss




Ervedo Raiss
Ervedo Raiss

Ervedo's Biography

Ervedo is a driver with high racecraft and pace, aggressive but controlled.

Another detail of his driving style is his ability to float the car through every corner, driving at the edge of physics and keeping lap times low.

His preferred cars to race are the mid-engined GT3’s.

Ervedo’s results include a 4th place in VCO Esport Racing League, a top 10 in Logitech G Challenge Silverstone and a third place in the Imola AMG GT3 time trial.

The German was fascinated by cars from a very young age, passed on from his grandpa and dad. Everything with four wheels became a major point of interest.
Over the years his passion grew stronger which led him into sim racing on Xbox with a Logitech wheel.

He started off with the seventh installment of the Forza Motorsport franchise, but the initial dive into sim racing came with attending league races on Project Cars 2, shortly after its release.

When Assetto Corsa Competizione was first released for the console, he was hooked and competing in various leagues and competitions.
With an increasing number of wins and improving pace, he made the switch to PC where since then, the hunger for competition and racing can not be stilled. Ervedo is still very young and is only just getting started!

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