Interview with Jesper Pedersen – Gamebox Festival 2022

Interview with a great insight into sim racing, mindset and much more During the Gamebox Festival, Burst Esport Team Manager and driver Jesper Pedersen was on stage to talk about what sim racing is, his career in the sport, Burst Esport, and much more – Including the announcement of our partnership with Nextview Consulting. The […]

Salesforce Partner Nextview Consulting and Burst Esport team Launch a New Chapter of partnership in Simracing

Eindhoven – The Netherlands, Aarhus – Denmark 27 April 2022 – Nextview Consulting, the European leading Boutique Salesforce Partner will step into the world of esports and will become the main sponsor and partner of award winning simracing team Burst Esport from Denmark with leading drivers from Europe.     Last weekend during the first […]

Compete in the Burst Cup at Gamebox Festival

BURST CUP 2022 Gamebox Festival in Herning, Denmark!   As announced last week, we will be at the Gamebox Festival in Herning, Denmark from the 22nd to the 24th of April.   Leading up to the event, we will provide you with information on what you can expect from the Burst Esport area!   BURST […]


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    The mission is to be the world's best sim-racing team both sporting wise and commercially.

    The ambition is not only to drive fast, but also to make a fast social difference!

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    social responsibility

    To activate our wish to also make a fast difference, we have partnered up with the World’s most travelled Hotdog stand inspiring and creating positive social change to neglected kids.

    It is a valuable CSR-partnership in many ways, but the main thing is that Burst Esport is playing a part in making a social difference.

    On top of that it gives Burst Esport the opportunity to offer sponsors a unique pay back – hotdog events.

    A bit about the

    World’s Most Travelled Hotdog Stand

    They have handed out approx. 63,874 hotdogs for free in 19 countries on five continents and tons of people around the world have been inspired and co-invested in social change.

    Among other activities they have supported kids with arthritis, built an orphanage in China, established micro businesses in South Africa and India through start up capital and skills training. They have kick started new activities in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland to increase life quality of kids and youth.

    Also locally in Denmark they support causes sush as the homeless.

    In 2018 they run social projects in India and South Africa.


    Oliehavnsvej 2,
    8000 Aarhus,

    +45 20 54 43 83