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Robin Pansar




Driver and engineer

Robin Pansar
Robin Pansar

Robin's Biography

Robin’s career in sim racing started in 2015 with the first edition of the Project CARS franchise, before moving to rFactor 2 which has been his focus since then.

The Swede has multiple podium finishes to his name in the Formula SimRacing World Championship, which shows the speed he has, despite starting out later than many of his competitors.

Not only is Robin fast on the track, but he only has a great mind and reputation for setting up cars to maximum performance. He’s been an essential part of the team’s successful rFactor 2 journey since the start of 2020, with an engineering role alongside his racing schedule.

Like another Scandinavian racing driver, who previously has raced in Formula One, Robin very much prefers a strong front end, to eliminate any type of understeer.

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