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Casper Henningsen





Casper Henningsen
Casper Henningsen

Casper's Biography

At the age of 3, Casper started racing in TOCA 2 with a steering wheel with no Force Feedback on PC.

He moved to console and PlayStation where he raced through the Gran Turismo Franchise and Grid 1 & 2 while exploring PC games like GTR 1 and 2.

In 2015, when the first installment of Project CARS was released, Casper was instantly hooked, which resulted in him purchasing a Force Feedback steering wheel, and not long after he competed then competed in the Go4 ESL Cup with great success.

He then joined league racing to develop his knowledge of working with setups and continued to compete on Project CARS 2, when it was released in 2017.

He did his first 24-hour race in 2018 and shortly after, he signed for Burst Esport where he since then has raced in series like the VRS GT World Championship on iRacing and the Virtual Endurance Championship on rFactor 2.

Casper has shown his talent in the endurance races where he is calm and consistent through the hours with next to no mistakes.
He has great adaptability regardless of car, track, and sim title and will quickly find his way to competitive lap times.

Throughout his sim career, he’s been mainly racing GT3 cars and this is also his favorite class of racing.

Casper is also a former 100 and 200-meter elite sprinter, which shows the competitive mindset he possesses.

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Performance History

Endurance Eracing World Champion
Winner of the GTR24H 24 hours of Nürburgring
Winner of the P1Esport 24 Hours of Le Mans
2nd in GTE at the Endurance Eracing World Championship

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